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An Angel Among Us

You are blessed with an employee who is definitely an Angel among us. I had two gift cards to two different grocery stores. I checked the balance on both. I had $28.87 on my Piggly Wiggly card, so off to the Pig I went. Cupboards were bare, so I had to make that money really stretch (waiting for my S.S. Check). I was in line waiting when this young lady told me to move over a couple of lanes where she was opening for service. I told her the amount on my card and held out one item (not a necessity) to check my total at the end. She was ringing up the last of my purchases, I reached in my bag to get my card and my stomach hit the floor. I had picked up the wrong gift card, one for another store. I was so embarrassed I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me whole. She offered to put my few items on hold so I could go home to get the right card. It would have taken 35 minutes to go home, 35 minutes to come back and not sure if I would have enough gas left to get home. So I told her not to hold them, I would just have to leave.

She told me to stand there for a minute and disappeared. When she came back, I told her I would go put everything back on the shelves and she told me it was taken care of. My groceries were on her. I broke down and cried. She came around and gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear “you still have money to spend at the other store”.

I was so humbled, thankful, and overwhelmed by her act of kindness. I also have both gift cards left and food to eat for a few meals. Thank you Piggly Wiggly for having this sweet Angel on your team. This old lady will never forget the kindness shown me.

We are so proud of Courtney and we are truly blessed to have such amazing people on our team. We love to hear that we’ve done a good job. Our team members work hard every day to try and make sure your shopping experience is a good one. Please let us know when we do well (and even when we don’t, so we can fix it). Send us a note…