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Some of our current openings

Produce Manager
Mt. Vernon

Deli Manager

Experienced Meat Cutter
Mobile Area Stores

Store Cashiers
Mobile and Baldwin County

If you are a current Piggly Wiggly Employee and are interested in these or other opportunities, please click here for our short-form current employee application.

If you are interested in any of the above positions or future opportunities, please fill out the application below.

New Employment Application

For Which Location are you applying? (Check all that apply)
Have you worked for Piggly Wiggly AGC before?
Which category do you prefer
When can you work?
Did you Graduate
Did you Graduate


List Counties and States of Residence for the last seven years
Have you used any Social Security numbers other than those on this page? If so, please list
Do you have a valid driver license? *
*This may not be required for the position applied for
Have you had any moving Violations?

Employment History

Your application will not be considered unless every question in this section is answered. Since we will make every effort to contact previous employer, the correct telephone numbers of past employers are critical.
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Include only individuals that are familiar with your work ability. Do not include relatives or friends. Name & Telephone Number
How do you know them?

If you need help filling out this application form, or for any phase of the employment process, please notify the person that gave you this form and every effort will be made to accommodate your needs in a reasonable amount of time. Applicant note: This application form is intended for use in evaluating your qualifications for employment. This is not an employment contract. Please answer all appropriate questions completely and accurately. Any false or misleading statement on this application, or during your employment, will be grounds for termination. Drug testing is required. A positive drug test will result in ineligibility for employment. A positive drug test after employment will result in termination. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without discrimination because of sex, marital status, race, age, creed, national origin, or the presence of disabilities. A felony conviction will not necessarily bar an applicant from employment. Qualified applicants may request affirmative action hiring. Additional testing of job-related skills, and for the presences of drugs in your body, may be required prior to employment. After an offer of employment, and prior to reporting to work, you are required to submit to a medical review. Depending on company policy, and the needs of the job, you will be required to complete a medical history form and may be required to be examined by a medical professional designated by the company.